We all know that the current state of the world is not "normal" with many people dying due to COVID-19 and many more sick and infected by this virus.


This has resulted in the termination of social interaction to stop infections from spreading, caused economies to struggle, people to lose income, businesses to suffer and in general, it succeeded in installing fear and hopelessness in many people.


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Is this blog just for Christian men?

NO. We believe all the characteristics that will be discussed and promoted to be implemented are good and honourable for all men of any religion. If any of them clashes with specific religious beliefs, no dishonour is intended, but the Word of God as captured in the Bible remains the final say for this blog on what is good and honourable and wise.

Why are we raising awareness on this issue?

We require action to fix something that has gone wrong. If women are scared of men and see them as dangerous, we have done something wrong and it NEEDS to be fixed……by us !

Will teachings in this blog be based on Christian values?

Yes, as they are recorded in the Word of God, the Bible. We are not ashamed to state that the God who made us knows best what is required from each of us and that He provides the ruler against which we measure ourselves.

Do you have to join a Christian church to support this movement?

NO. Although you are welcome at any stage to talk to us about faith and salvation through Jesus Christ, the aim of this movement is to assist men to commit to being men of stature, men that will be valued and respected by other men and women. The fact that what we teach is based on Christian values as found in the Word of God, The Bible, is because we do believe that it contains God’s wishes on what He would like us to be. It has been noted on occasion that the word BIBLE can be seen as an acronym for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. That is then where we will find the characteristics required for men to act as real men and be proud men.


For you to consider...

Read the seven sections provided on this blog to explain what this movement is all about. Accept the process as described in the relevant section and follow it. Join our movement by registering through this link PROUD2BMEN


Read, model, teach and monitor the behaviours that will be shared with you on this blog from time to time. Give us feedback on Facebook #proud2bmen. Let us know when men act well so that we can show progress and strengthen each other.


Add comments about the behaviours discussed. Suggest other ways to teach, model and monitor these for the benefit of all.

JOIN US in the fight for CHANGE!


1. Join our #Proud2bmen movement (at no cost) by completing the form below. This will indicate your pledge and commitment to become actively involved to stop unacceptable behaviour by men and promote acceptable behaviours in your area of influence.

Who do you see on a regular basis?
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