• Johan


Updated: Apr 2

This blog was planned long before the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus infections and thus focused on the behaviour of men towards women and children under "normal" circumstances.

We all know that the current state of the world is not "normal" with many people dying due to COVID-19 and many more sick and infected by this virus. This has resulted in the termination of social interaction to stop infections from spreading, caused economies to struggle, people to lose income, businesses to suffer and in general, it succeeded in installing fear and hopelessness in many people.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us and it is not denied, hopelessness is not necessary !

Proud men have a role to play in this pandemic !

The question is whether, in these, times stand out as a man who brings hope to those that need it?

This time, during the forced lock-down, may be the optimum time to start implementing or re-emphasising the issues raised in this blog.

Use the time you now have with your family wisely and read the blog on HOPE !