• Johan

Fathers are special

Thinking about Father's Day last weekend, I gathered some notes on how special they are.

My father is so strong, he can tear a page out of facebook.

Even the sheep on my father's farm are strong, they produce steel wool.

When my father throws a boomerang, it dares not to come back unless he wants it to.

My father is so clever, that when Alexander Bell discovered the telephone, he had three missed calls from my father.

My father is very fit, when he gets to the Indian Ocean, he quickly does 2 laps.

Three boys argued about who's dad is the tallest. The first says that his dad can touch the roof on his house without standing on his toes. The second says his Dad can touch clouds when he stands flat footed. The third thought for a while and then asked the second boy what it is his father felt when he touched the clouds. The boy replied : "just air". Well, said the third boy, then he only felt my father's breath coming from his nose.