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Proud men .....brings HOPE to others

Updated: Mar 31

The presence of colours often affect the way we think about any environment. "Brilliant whites" makes us think of cleanliness and sterile environments, "blues and greens" recreates the calm atmosphere rendered by the sea, "yellows" bring feelings of warmth and of course ......... "black" brings darkness, despair, hopelessness.

No matter what the weather outside your window is like this morning, the colour of the morning is NOT black. Each day that breaks, each new day, comes with the rising of the sun, in all its shades of red, orange and yellow. The dark colours brought on by poor weather and clouds are just that, clouds that can be and always are dispersed by the sun to reveal its own warmth. This simple phenomenon confirms that the sun is there with every new day, it is always there, just waiting to break through the clouds in all the warm colours you can imagine.

Hope is just like that. No matter what the colour of the circumstances are, hope is waiting to break through, to bask everything in its warmth. And it will.

Question is: How will we live our lives while we are still within the cloudy conditions, where "black" hopelessness wants to engulf us? Is it possible to live hope, in anticipation of the breakthrough that will come, whilst it is not yet here?

Can we bring hope to others?

Men are usually quite optimistic beings.

They will watch a game of rugby and believe, until the very end, that their team can pull something out of the bag and win. Each season, they will support their team, even if the previous season was extremely disappointing, in the hope of this season being different. The teams will disappoint them, to the point where they will want to stop watching the games, just to find themselves switching on the TV to watch the next game, just in case the team has a blinder of a game! And all the time they know they have no control over the team's performance.

So, if we have hope in things we can not control, why do we despair when a world-wide pandemic rages? Yes, what this virus is doing is outside our control. We can not see the threat, we can not control other people's whereabouts or actions, we can not even ensure that we escape infection.

Why would we in this case not anticipate a different or worthy outcome of this situation, despite the fact that we "seem" to be losing the game, especially since the season is not yet finished. We will try to outplay the virus with our actions, with clean hands, with self-isolation, and yet we seem to accept that we will not win this game?

This is NOT who we are !

Where do we find hope?

Hope means the answer lies in someone else, not in ourselves. Our hope in our rugby team does not mean the solution is that we personally replace them in the team for better results.

When we need hope in sports, we look to the experts in sport, coaches, managers, ex-players.

When we are looking for hope in life, we should not be trying to be that hope ourselves but we should be looking at the expert in life. Who better than He who created life ?

The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is a God of hope. His Word, The Bible, is a book full of stories of hope. Stories that were included to bring us hope in times when we feel or believe things to be hopeless. If we look for this hope, we should not focus on the situation, nor the actions we implement, but we have to focus on what the expert tells us, i.e. the hope is in Him. He is the one who, every morning, brings the light of the sun to break into the dark of the night, the warmth of the sun to remove the cold night air, the "yellow" to remove the "black".

The Israelites were held captive in a country that was not their own, uncertain of their futures. Jeremiah recorded the Word of the Lord to the Isrealites in 29:11 as "I know the plans I have for you, plans to give you hope and a future" .

We have a future !

In a message to include ALL nations of the earth into the hope that God gave through Jesus Christ, Paul writes in Romans 15:13 "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit"

Overflow to others !

King David sings to the Lord and declares that his time is in the hand of God in Psalm 31 and states in verse 24 to those around him : "Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord"

Be strong !

Take heart !

The Bible is filled with hope. Find it, make it yours.

How can we bring hope to others?

For Christian men, this task is a bit easier. You can only carry something if you have a hold on the thing you carry, when you have it in your hands, firmly gripped so you do not lose it. Therefor, those who have the hope that lies in the trusting of God with their future, can share it with others.

However, this blog is not only for Christian men. I must then apologise to those readers as I have no answer for you on hope that falls outside Christ Himself.

If you do not trust in God, the only thing that remains is the $ (Dollar), or Rand, or gold bullion, or your savings account, or nature, or your boss, or your company, or your family, or whatever else you would like to list. You can place your hope in one or all of these things, but be ready to admit to their failure as it is highly likely that they will fail you at some stage.

Do yourself a favour and go through any list of potential things in which you could place your trust today. Then note which ones are or will remain immune to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially if it drags out for a long time. For example: The economy and all currencies have already shown that they can not be trusted as they became extremely volatile and their final state after the pandemic is unknown.

No doubt these things can help you in these times, but can they give you enough hope to carry on through lock-downs, through illness and even through circumstances of death?

I believe that hope can only be worth having if its foundation is something or someone that can not be affected by the virus. Therefor, GOD Himself!

(NS. If you need help with this, respond to this blog or on our facebook page with your personal details and you will be contacted personally)

Once you know that you have THE HOPE to give to your wife and children, here are some suggestions on how to bring is to them:

  • Make sure it starts and ends with God by using His Word as the only directive;

  • Discuss the things you read about trust and hope with your wife and children so that they can hear what you say and see what you believe so that they can be convinced by your actions to join you in your hope;

  • List God's promises to you and your family, as communicated in the Word, and stand by them, come what may;

  • Make statements such as "for me and my house, we will trust in the Lord";

  • Live it, talk it and does not matter how bad this gets, walk-the-talk, God is mightier than your situation !


Lets bring this hope to all others !

Remember, it takes times like these to help us to realise that hope is "the expectancy of a future whilst we have no proof of it at the time". As recorded in Romans 8:24 : "But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have?"

Please be safe, hygienic and abide by the laws set out for us in this time. Protect yourself and others and wait in joyful anticipation of your future !