• Johan

Something to make you smile

Flawless logic

Boy (4) : Dad, I have decided to get married....

Dad: Wonderful ! Do you have a girl in mind?

Boy: Yes .....It is Grandma. She says she loves me and I love her.... AND she is the best cook and story teller in the world !

Dad: That's nice, but we have a small problem there !

Boy: What problem ?

Dad: She happens to be my mother ! How can you marry my mother?

Boy: Well .... why not? You married my mother !

Another you?

If God can change a hard-lined, law-following person like Saul of Tarsus into a person that lives to tell others the Good News of grace and mercy, the moment he met Jesus (read the book of Acts) ......... surely then He can change you to become whomever He dreams you to be ...... if only you would agree to meet with Jesus ! Come on ......Why wait?


Real forgiveness is important and also includes forgetting.

A young believer in Christ talks to a lady that claims to hear God speak. He is a bit sceptical and asks whether she would be willing to prove it by asking God to tell her about the major sin he had committed when he was a young man? She agreed. A few days later they meet again and the man asks her whether she had heard from God about the issue he mentioned. She replied: "Yes, but God says He does not remember what you did anymore".

Heb 8:12 For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.

Forgive completely and forget ! Not easy I admit, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, possible !